Friday, 27 December 2013

My happy family

My Beloved Family

My dad's name is  Mr Thomas Lumok. He's 58 years old.
My  mom's name is Mrs Legai Bayah.She's 54 years old.
They has five daughters and only son.

My Lovely Siblings.

Sit down from the right to left:

The fourth sister:  Miss Ellyrina Erna -25 years old
The youngest sister(sixth): Miss Christna Edna-13 years old
The only brother: Mr.Ahasyweros Eroz-20 years old
The second sister: Miss Elvina Elna-31 years old

Standing back from right to left:

The third sister: Miss Lowrinah Evna -27 years old
The eldest : Miss Marlenah Enna-35 years old


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sweet memories with housekeeping team at Grandis Hotels & Resorts Suria Sabah

Every human has own memories with friends,so I'm also has my own memories with my team and never forgot them.They friendly and naughty make me happy smiles . Our first HK team for pre-opening hotel,even though many friends said, pre-opening is difficult but for us it is memories and experiences to be learned.And I hope my HK team always bind with family relation and nothing quarreling to each others.Do the best as we can! This is few pictures.
birthday celebration

supervisor spend big apple donate

relax after bed making

relax after bed making

take picture before busy bed makng

variation posing in front camera with own donate

zombie face..relax after cleaning small spaces or store for our things

who the owner of cake?

Monday, 7 October 2013

In Our Memories-16/09/2013

When the state is gaining the Independence Day holiday 50 years participated in Malaysia as one of the states in Borneo , we never thought that she ( grandmother ) said ' good-bye ' to us . After my shower , my Aunt , Uncle and cousin got home . Aunt and Uncle lost his memory for a few minutes . Dad was surprised and said , " What happened ? " But Aunt and Uncle just bow down and cry . Aunt hug my dad and said , " our mother ..... " Father say, " Why is our mother ? " I'm closer to my dad's cousin and said, " Grandma was gone ( dies ) . Rapidly father and mother was packing and then follow Aunt and uncle to the hospital . Upon hearing news of the death grandmother , my heart is crying and sad without delay then we wait for uncle ( father 's second brother ) . rice is eaten feel chelate and drink warm water felt bitter . our appetite then. uncle came and we also went to the hospital . certified true grandmother had died. grandmother We are just waiting for the body in brought back by ambulance .
15 minutes later we got home Aunt . That night many people gather , including other relatives to stay awake. Aunt , cousin and my sister was told about the news of the death of their grandmother. Their return can only be known in the next morning.
Grandma's grandsons &granddaughters

Dad's siblings(grandma's sons
& daughters)
Grandma's great grandsons
&great granddaughters

1)My Family
2)Uncle Luoi's Family

3)Aunt Rafidah's Family
4)Aunt Goto's Family
5)Aunt Nanang's Family

6)Uncle Tutu's Family

7)Uncle Pokuk's Family

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


PUISI PENA HATI: PANDUAN MENULIS PUISI: oleh Pakde Azir Menulis puisi dengan baik itu gampang-gampang susah. Ada orang yang mengatakan “Saya bisa menulis puisi jika sedan...

PUISI DEPRESIKU: 37 cara menulis puisi yang baik

PUISI DEPRESIKU: 37 cara menulis puisi yang baik: Cara untuk menulis puisi yang bagus 1 Apakah suku kata, kata-kata dan aliran bait. 2. Mulai bait...

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Try To Learn simple questions.

  1.  isai ngaran nu?-->siapa nama kamu?-->what is your name?
  2. hinombo tadon nu?-->kamu asal dari mana?-->where you come from?
  3. piro no tumur nu?-->berapa umur kamu?-->how old are you?
  4. nunu bansa nu?-->apa bangsa kamu?-->what is your race?
  5. hinombo ko poundorong do tindo?-->di mana kamu tinggal sekarang?-->where your staying now?
  6. kopisanangan do pintutunan-->selamat perkenalan-->nice to meet you
  7. kopisanangan do kinorikatan hiti pogun Sabah Malaysia--> selamat datang di negeri Sabah Malaysia-->welcome to Sabah,Malaysia
  8. kopisanangan do gumuli,rumikot kawagu-->selamat jalan,datang lagi-->good bye,please come again
  9. kano tokou mamanau-->mari kita jalan-->let's we walk
  10. piro gatang iti tuah paranggi?-->berapa harga buah nenas ini?-->how much is the pineapple?