Saturday, 26 November 2011

Unforgetable childhood story.

I say good morning to the Lecturer and all my friends.
Today I want to share a childhood story that I never forget until now.I still remember, this story happened when I was 7 years old.I was very naughty at this age.I like to climb the tree until the end of the branch.A Saturday morning as early as 6am, father, mother, me and my sister a small 3-year-old prayed together, I am out of the house and ran around the house with my sister.At the time, my mother was cooking in the kitchen and my father was reading the Bible.
(My mother called from the kitchen.)“Yanak, go shower and get ready to go to church”( Yanak was my nickname in the family)but I am not ignoring what the mother said to me.I and my sister continues to play catch outside the home.I ran harder than my sister.Suddenly, my sister accidentally stepped on a stick and fall and crying because of the knee, elbow and mouth bleeding.I was quiet only when my father brought my sister into the house.
My mother called for the second time, but I still do not ignore my mother's calls.I have no friends to play outdoors and I see on the right side of my house there is a high guava trees, and many fruits.At the end of the branch there are some that are ripe guava.“I want to eat guava”I think in my heart and started to climb.
The age of 7 years, I am very agile to climb without the help of others.Reached on a guava tree, I have not been able to reach the ripe guava and climb again until the end of the branch.Guava trees declined slightly down because I was to hang in there.I was excited to be at the end of a branch as a cool morning breeze gently blowing the branches shake my pink receive a link on the branch.I continue to reach the ripe guava fruit at the end of all the branches linked as he walked slowly on the other branches.
I like as a hungry monkey.Suddenly there is a clear voice I hear calling my name like this “Yanak Marlenah! you fall down soon!”I heard the voice, the same as my mother's voice calling me but the sounds I heard were very close to me.I stopped reaching the end of guava branches while taking in the voice but no one at the hearing.I walked further and reach guava but suddenly a voice said again as so “Yanak Marlenah! Yanak Marlenah! later fell down”.I turn off the intention to take guava and find a voice who is?I find a voice, but not found.
The voice continued to say out loud “Yanak Marlenah! Yanak Marlenah! later fell down quickly ... your mother said to go shower ..”I like the fear and went down quickly from the guava tree.I immediately put on slippers and ran towards the door, looking back on guava trees.I see clearly that there is a white dove on a branch of guava are looking at me with the wings open like waving towards me and fly from there.I gaped for a moment and think “I had on the branch guava the white dove I do not see it but when I was home I saw the bird clearly.Whether the bird is talking to me?”
I ran to the living room and told my mother and father about the sounds I hear and the white dove.My father said, “actually the voice of an angel of God who spoke through the white dove.You never listen to their parents.You never thought twice about calling your mother a moment ago.Imagine you are on the branches of guava and fall,who is difficult?Have we not as a father and your mother is hard to see you ill?Yourselves also get severe pain when you fall later.”
Since then, I never again climb trees.I started following the advice of my father and mother, help the mother in the kitchen and did not play outdoors in the morning.Friends of all, remember ... we should listen to parents all the time.Do not be a stubborn child and rude in front of their parents.Parents are close friends when our calamity.Remember, the sounds I hear from a white dove was used parental discretion angel of the Lord to deliver their advice.Children be useful to family and society.This is the only childhood story that I never forget until now.Thank you for listening to with diligence.