Sunday, 9 September 2012


1) What does happiness look like?
My happiness looks like as smiley sun that always shiny in early morning when I wake up from my bed.

2) What color is today?
The colour of today like as red-yellow that describe about brightness of things that exist in around me such as looked forward without of doubt.

3) What does purple taste like?
The purple tastes like as the soft clothes with purple tulip flowers that decorate empty spaces on the ladies dress who love modern fashion.

   4) What does a rainbow feel like?
I feel the rainbow like as the bridge from the heaven that makes me have a dream to climbing from the mountain top at the earth until arrive at the Eden Park at the heaven to meet my Creator.

5) What color is the smell of your favorite perfume?
I always imagine that the colour of the smell of my favourite perfume like as the light green because it is made from natural herbal that makes me always fresh after shower.

6) What is the distance of your life?
I think the distance of my life like as the road where in the left and the right side always has junctions to go there a while, where more challenges to faced with patience and always pray because at the end of your journey is your life's toward whether it’s success or failed.

7) What is the color of your favorite song?
The color of my favorite songs like as blue as ever show ripple waves when the wind blows, so too the pace of my favorite song can only imagine the beat like a deep blue color.
8) What texture is your favorite scent?
My favourite scent texture like as velvet soft and smooth that will not look at the naked eyes but will be visible through a powerful imagination.
9) What does inspiration taste like?
Inspiration taste like as sweet honey from bees that will not be lost in the sensation of the tongue, so my inspiration is not to be lost in my thoughts every day.
10) What is the shape of violin music?
The shape of violin music in my imagination  like as fresh pear-shaped which has always been appetizers or deserts to those who like a touch of violin music only.

11) What is the texture of the letter “P”?
To me, texture letter "P" as a rough bark and wavy will not be lost on the surface of the concept, but somehow we are trying to remove the "P" between O and Q and mentions without "P" but the texture of the "P" is still there between O and Q.
12) What is the texture of a whisper?
The texture of a whisper like as breeze that cannot be seen through the naked eyes but can be rough in a sense through the hearts and minds of individual.

13) What color is the fragrance of soap?
The color of the fragrance of my soaps like as white as cotton and bubbly like a baby bath fragrance soft, smooth and fresh after use.
14) What does a cloud sound like?
The clouds does sound such as hissing sound leaves on the trees being blown over and over again without stopping, without the wind hissing leaves will not be heard.
15) What is the weight of your anger?
The weight of my anger as volcanic mountain which will continue to flow without stop until the anger has not been splashed with forgiveness and peace.
16) What is the shape of your imagination?
The shape of my imagination like as blue big bulb that I want to search something hidden in my mind.
17) What does your favorite book feel like?
My favourite books feel like as vanilla and yam ice cream that I always need when I want to eat everyday to give freshness of my mind.

Saturday, 30 June 2012


My dad
My father opened the lids but no food in the pot. “Hmmm...What should I do?”Little voice spoke out. I saw my father took the fish nets and a small basket and tied a small basket at his waist.
“Dad, where did you go?” I asked my father while I was standing.
“I went fishing in the Wario River. We do not have any food for supper. You want to join me?”Father asked again and ready to slippers.
“Yes! I want to go, Dad.”I told my father with confidence.
“What about your little sister? Does she also want to join?”Asked father again.
“Yes, she also wanted to join us, Dad.”Told me so, but the real my little sister did not know about it. I went into my mother’s bedroom and told my little sister to go with me and father fishing on the Wario River.
            Times run so fast. Smile clocks figures in the glass. I saw the time still early show at 4 pm. I, father and little sister walked out of the house with the hope that we can bring the fish and some vegetables. Me and little sister walking, running happily along the ways. My father was just look at us with fierce eyes and advised us not to push off when we walk. Cloud as bright as the sun laugh march behind the clouds. Me and little sister happy while singing the song ‘If you’re happy and you know clap your hands’ with doing action songs.
            Before reaching the Wario River, we had to go through the bound of paddy fields. I lifted up look at the paddy fields like a green carpet. Mmm..very pleasant to the eye.
“Yanak, Adie. Let’s cross the bridge. When we get home soon we will cross the stream.”Told father while waiting me and little sister catching dragonflies which perch on a leaf of paddy.
“Yes father.”I answered as briefly.
We do not have a watch to saw time. We are only guided by the sun as an indicator of time. Wario River closer to the front. My father left us so quickly run back. Me and little sister run very fast intercept father.
“O father! We have ahead, Adie! See our father is still behind us.”I shouted a small and full little sister’s hand close to me. Wario River was visible in front of us.
“Wario River, sister!” Little sister shouted.
“Wow! Crystal clear waters but swift”. Told me with happily face.
Wario River
“Now we have arrived at the Wario River. Father wanted to catch fish for half an hour. You both secretly in this river. Remember, do not go anywhere.” Told father then opened the slippers with carefully down to the river as he began to cast his towards the water surface. Father cast his nets few times. Further away from father, monotony of mosquitoes attacked us and tried familiarized with our skin to suck blood.
“Eh! Many mosquitoes sister. What we do while waiting for our father?”Little sister whispers me.
“Adie, come on we are looking for vegetable shoots pepper. We can make vegetables when we got home.”Told me to little sister approached the quoted suggestion that shoots pepper grows wild river dosages to us.
I and little sister started to pick vegetables shoots pepper a handful in our hands. I saw the sun no longer visible. Perhaps the sun shelter behind a cloud patches. Father has not been seen again.
“Where is my father?” I whispered worry. We wait in anxiety.
Me called Yanak
“Yanak! Adie! Come back. Dad only fishing 20 fish,” Suddenly, my father called us from a distance. Dad has gone up in the land. We ran to the place of my father.
We back together. My father in the dampness. I sympathized with my father because he has able to get dripped dishes for supper. It was already getting dark. The sun is not seen again. The stronger sound of crickets is heard in the ear. Horrors heard crickets sound at a time when dusk appears. We did not go through the bridge to cross, but we just cross the stream as promised father. We cross the stream slowly. I was in the right side of my father and my little sister is on the left.
“O no! The river has gone up. Dad did not think the river can rise very quickly.”Told my father while firmly holding our hands together.
Water to nearly half of the father’s body. We were bobbing up and down by the river water is quite rapid. I imagine death to us. My little sister crying with fear.
“Do not be afraid. Dad is with you both.” Dad told us confidently. He took swift action to save us from the torrent of water swept away by raising our body together with a strong hand even though he lost fish.
Battle with the torrent of water was over when we reached the river side safely, although we did get wet and cold. Father kissed our heads while looking at a small basket of fish kept place. ’Uhh.’ Father complained in frustration.
“Why Dad?” I ask in the cold. Dad shook his head.
“The fish were fishing while ago had not here.” Father told us he saw the small basket. We were disappointed.
“It does no matter. What is important, my children are safe?”Said father while guiding our hands to move from there. I know my father was very disappointed, but disappointment can cover by our presence both on the safe side. It was already dark, presumably hour was nearing 7pm.
“Yanak, Adie. You stand hare for a while. Dad wanted to cast nets to only once in the small pond.”Told father.
On the left side of the paddy fields has a small pond. My father took his nets again that tied at the back then trying casting nets into the small pond. He slowly pulled aside.
My lit sis Adie
“Dad, did you get the fish?” I ask, trying to find out.
“Yes, there are but Dad do not knew how it. “ Told father.
My father to collect the fish in their nets. A disappointing last hope turned to joy when my father got fish from previous two times. My father has received 40 fish.
“Yanak, Adie.. We have to believe something that has happened there’s a reason behind. Not by despair but by obedience to the wise. God would saw to our needs when we believe Him.”Adviced to my father for me and little sister. We both were happy even though we in dampness and cold.
We continue the journey to return home, although the atmosphere in the dark with the light of torches only at moon appeared in the sky.
From the story of my childhood memories, I have learned something new in life and have never forgotten until now. Dad said, ‘Believe in God with all your heart without ever give up but with the confidence that God will give us many results’. Father’s sacrificed more valuable than gold and jewels.

Friday, 18 May 2012


Lumis and Yanak are in the house. Lumis is making fish traps while Yanak pregnant while being dry cloth. Yagang go to cleaning their house.
Lumis: Yanak, you should be resting. I don’t want anything happening to you Yanak.
            You still in pregnant.
Yanak: I’m good mother. I just feel bored.
Lumis: Em... well. Let Yagang do the heavily work then.
Yanak: Yes mother.
(Yanak call Yagang)
Yanak:  Yagang !Yagang! Can you rest for a moments. Come up here.
Yagang: Okay.
Yagang lefted his works and went to the house.
 Yanak went to the kitchen for prepare afternoon tea while Lumis and Yagang chit-chat and; suddenly they heard a sound in the kitchen.
Lumis: What the sound of that? Let us go into the kitchen.
Yagang: Come on.
After they stopped in the kitchen, they were very surprised because Yanak was lying on the floor. Yagang hold and looked Yanak and she became unconscious.
Lumis: Yagang, take your wife go inside.
Yagang: Okay.
Lumis suddenly realized something was in the house and she looked off toward the door and said something.
Lumis: I know you are in the house. You better go.
Yanak was lying at the living room. Yagang was very worried by the situation that had befallen her wife. Lumis tried squeezing Yanak’s forehead.
Lumis: Yagang, your wife has been impeded by evil’s spirits.
Yagang: What is that mother?
Lumis: They are not good spirit.
Yagang: So, what should I do mother? Is there cure?
Lumis: Yes, there are but you just find the medical herbs called ‘Lintotobo’ at the forest.
Yagang: Well then, I will go to the forest tomorrow.
The next day, Yagang already to departed into the forest to find medical herbs.
Yagang: Mother, I will go now.
Lumis: Hang on, Yagang. I have something to give you. This is a talisman to abstain  
            you from the evil’s spirits.
Yagang: Thank you mother.
Yagang started walking down the stairs.
Lumis: Be careful on you ways Yagang.
Yagang: Okay, I will.
At the forest, Yagang searching medical herbs, he didn’t realized that there are something watching him. It called ‘Tumotolong’.
Tumotolong 1: Wah! See a human...
Tumotolong 2: Hi...hi...hi...Yes human.
Tumotolong 1: What we do now?
Tumotolong 2:  Yes...We make him lost...
Tumotolong 1: Yes...hahahaha...
Tumotolong 2: Hahahahaha....hehehehe.......
Without Yagang realizing it, he dropped the talisman. While Yagang busy searching the medical herbs, ‘Tumotolong’ is being followed and playing with him. Yagang kept searching the medical herbs until he didn’t realizing, he was lost and got into Tumotolong’s world. Yagang just disappeared for 3 days.
 Meanwhile, Lumis so worried about Yagang .
Lumis: Where is Yagang? I was worried about him. It is 3 days he didn’t return
Lumis step out from her house and go to the village leader’s house. Lumis looked sad and cries. At the same time, Wida the village leader’s wife was sewing cloth and she noticed Lumis was crying.
Wida: What happen to you Lumis? Why are you crying?
Lumis: My son, Wida. He didn’t return home from the forest. He lost for 3 days.
Wida: That looks not good. I will my husband first.
Wida call her husband Kuguan to meet with Lumis.
Wida: Kuguan...Kuguan... something happen to Lumis.
Kuguan:  Lumis? Something happened to Lumis?
Wida: Yeah!
Kuguan: Where is Lumis?
Wida: Outside.
Kuguan: O...okay.
Kuguan and his wife go outside immediately.
Kuguan: What happened to you Lumis?
Lumis: My son, Kuguan. He lost. He entered the forest and did not returns home
           as well.           
Kuguan: O... comes up here.
Lumis up into the Kuguan’s house then Lumis told Kuguan what had happened about Yanak and also she told why Yagang go into the forest. Kuguan said that he will send some people to search Yagang. But it is hopeless and still the same because cannot find Yagang.
Lumis decided to go to the forest to find Yagang by herself. As soon as, Lumis in the forest; she know that ‘Tumotolong’ was doing it’s so she begging to Tumotolong to give back her son.
Lumis: O ‘Tumotolong’ spirit of the forest...Do not disturb us all. Let Yagang my son return to me. It is my request to you.
Lumis make her cloth turn over and hope something might happen. Suddenly, Yagang appeared in front of Lumis and Yagang holding the medical herbs that he found.
Lumis: Yagang!
Yagang: Mother? What you doing here?
Lumis:  I’m looking for you Yagang. You lost for 3 days.
Yagang: Is that true? I disappeared for so long?
Lumis: Yes son. But thanks God to safe you without injured. Lets us back home and cured your wife Yagang.
Yagang: Yes, mother. Thank you for safe me.
They go out from the forest. While from another angle,‘Tumotolong’   are looking of them. The people who search Yagang not returned home. And they said that the people all died.
1) Garystilson Dison as Kuguan or Wida’s husband   and   cameraman 1
2) Marlenah Thomas as Lumis or Yagang’s mother and Tumotolong 2
3) Allesah Alleyah Yusof as Yanak or Yagang’s wife and Lumis daughter in law
4) Nazrin Shah Yulius as Yagang or Yanak’s husband and Lumis’s son and also
    Cameraman 2
 5) Nor Salwani Janius as Wida or Kuguan’s wife and Tumotolong 1
Place: Heritage houses, Sabah Museum
Time: 10.00 am until 2.30 pm
Date: May, 05. 2012 (Saturday)


Wani, Gary and me
Nazrin, Wani and me
Tuesday, April 24th. 2012..
 After leaving the English language classes; Me, Gary, Nazrin and Wani has agreed to make the first visit in Sabah museum to explore the places where we will be acting later. Our journey began at 12.30 pm heading to the bus station in Inanam. Upon arriving at the Wawasan Bus Terminal we boarded the bus number 13 that sent passengers heading to Penampang Baru and Kobusak. Arrive at the bus stop; I think the fare is as expensive as RM2 fare turned out to only 90 cents. We were both on foot towards the Sabah museum. There we capture images using a mobile camera only. We went to the heritage village by crossing the bridge. Heritage village we are looking at several houses to serve as acting tradition. After looking at the traditional house, we took the plan to see an ancient artefact in the museum building. Each of us paid RM2 to get tickets into the Sabah Museum building. We entered and handed a ticket for verification before each explore in all aspects of the building. There I ‘m, Gary and Wani have filled a small form to enter the competition regardless of small snails in the jar. In addition, we also have to fill memory books of visitors to perpetuate the name of the visitors on that day. I and Wani tandem walk away to the first floor while Gary and Nazrin also tandem walk away in the ground floor. Here we took 2 hours to learn something new vote as a result of artefact. At 4 pm we went back to the Wawasan Bus Terminal. There we leaving back to their places. 

Saturday and Sunday, April, 28th & 29th.2012...
I went to interviewed three of the villagers at Kg Piasau, Kota Belud. They are my grandfather called Aki Ebing Sudaki mentions about the ‘Tumotolong’ story where the children of the villagers investigated using small banana called a ‘banana Tumotolong ‘, then my father Mr Thomas Lumok also mentions his own experienced of ‘Tumotolong’ has killed chickens in the coop with chickens blood taken as food, while my aunt called Inan Siap Guladi mentions about the story of the cursed ‘Tumotolong’ a riches villagers but proud has become poor.

My grandfather Aki Ebing Sudaki
Saturday, May 05th. 2012...
We returned to Sabah museum but this time we walk with 5 person’s .We are I, Gary, Nazrin, Wani and Lea. We promised that all team members will gather at the bus terminal at 9 am. Although, some members of the group whose comes in late but we are all happy when we took the bus number 13. We arrived at the bus stop heading to Sabah museum. Our walk while carrying essential items to acts. Nazrin, Lea and Wani took a break at the hut that is in the museum. I and Gary are together going to submit a letter requesting permission to act in Sabah museum. I would attach a copy of the approval letter as evidence in this assignment we go acting in Sabah museum. But what happened to the letter? We went to meet with the Head of Information Department Sabah Museum is Mr. Doutis Goukit. We thought the day we sent the letter the same day that we can act. Apparently we have one procedure to ask for confirmation letter to the museum. We were told that the procedure is for one week from the date of the letter sent. We understand also that every Saturday and Sunday throughout the month of May would be a lot of tourist activities and even more to come. Our first letter is not approved, but with our appeal and clear sound, the museum has to consider our letter. I pray in faith that God has a miracle in there so the museum can received our letter. Finally, the museum with an open mind and approved the letter we have taken a copy of our letter is.  I and Gary feel gratitude there. The museum also has told us to spend a day for us to act. We immediately went to the house to start acting our legacy. Even though many tourists who visit heritage homes as well as people who follow fishing in lake but we still prepared us properly. We initially chose the Bajau heritage house as a place of our first play. Then home Bisaya heritage as we play the second place. After the expiry of acting scenes that occur at home. We have moved to the forest as the last place we played. There we made acting ‘Tumotolong’. Our faces in colour with the colour green. Looks funny but we still do our acting properly and completely. At 3 o'clock we finished acting. We packed up to clean the face and back. But Gary, Lea and Nazrin walked earlier than me and Wani. At 4 pm we departed from the bus stop to go back.
Bisaya Heritage House
                     Sabah Museum