Saturday, 30 June 2012


My dad
My father opened the lids but no food in the pot. “Hmmm...What should I do?”Little voice spoke out. I saw my father took the fish nets and a small basket and tied a small basket at his waist.
“Dad, where did you go?” I asked my father while I was standing.
“I went fishing in the Wario River. We do not have any food for supper. You want to join me?”Father asked again and ready to slippers.
“Yes! I want to go, Dad.”I told my father with confidence.
“What about your little sister? Does she also want to join?”Asked father again.
“Yes, she also wanted to join us, Dad.”Told me so, but the real my little sister did not know about it. I went into my mother’s bedroom and told my little sister to go with me and father fishing on the Wario River.
            Times run so fast. Smile clocks figures in the glass. I saw the time still early show at 4 pm. I, father and little sister walked out of the house with the hope that we can bring the fish and some vegetables. Me and little sister walking, running happily along the ways. My father was just look at us with fierce eyes and advised us not to push off when we walk. Cloud as bright as the sun laugh march behind the clouds. Me and little sister happy while singing the song ‘If you’re happy and you know clap your hands’ with doing action songs.
            Before reaching the Wario River, we had to go through the bound of paddy fields. I lifted up look at the paddy fields like a green carpet. Mmm..very pleasant to the eye.
“Yanak, Adie. Let’s cross the bridge. When we get home soon we will cross the stream.”Told father while waiting me and little sister catching dragonflies which perch on a leaf of paddy.
“Yes father.”I answered as briefly.
We do not have a watch to saw time. We are only guided by the sun as an indicator of time. Wario River closer to the front. My father left us so quickly run back. Me and little sister run very fast intercept father.
“O father! We have ahead, Adie! See our father is still behind us.”I shouted a small and full little sister’s hand close to me. Wario River was visible in front of us.
“Wario River, sister!” Little sister shouted.
“Wow! Crystal clear waters but swift”. Told me with happily face.
Wario River
“Now we have arrived at the Wario River. Father wanted to catch fish for half an hour. You both secretly in this river. Remember, do not go anywhere.” Told father then opened the slippers with carefully down to the river as he began to cast his towards the water surface. Father cast his nets few times. Further away from father, monotony of mosquitoes attacked us and tried familiarized with our skin to suck blood.
“Eh! Many mosquitoes sister. What we do while waiting for our father?”Little sister whispers me.
“Adie, come on we are looking for vegetable shoots pepper. We can make vegetables when we got home.”Told me to little sister approached the quoted suggestion that shoots pepper grows wild river dosages to us.
I and little sister started to pick vegetables shoots pepper a handful in our hands. I saw the sun no longer visible. Perhaps the sun shelter behind a cloud patches. Father has not been seen again.
“Where is my father?” I whispered worry. We wait in anxiety.
Me called Yanak
“Yanak! Adie! Come back. Dad only fishing 20 fish,” Suddenly, my father called us from a distance. Dad has gone up in the land. We ran to the place of my father.
We back together. My father in the dampness. I sympathized with my father because he has able to get dripped dishes for supper. It was already getting dark. The sun is not seen again. The stronger sound of crickets is heard in the ear. Horrors heard crickets sound at a time when dusk appears. We did not go through the bridge to cross, but we just cross the stream as promised father. We cross the stream slowly. I was in the right side of my father and my little sister is on the left.
“O no! The river has gone up. Dad did not think the river can rise very quickly.”Told my father while firmly holding our hands together.
Water to nearly half of the father’s body. We were bobbing up and down by the river water is quite rapid. I imagine death to us. My little sister crying with fear.
“Do not be afraid. Dad is with you both.” Dad told us confidently. He took swift action to save us from the torrent of water swept away by raising our body together with a strong hand even though he lost fish.
Battle with the torrent of water was over when we reached the river side safely, although we did get wet and cold. Father kissed our heads while looking at a small basket of fish kept place. ’Uhh.’ Father complained in frustration.
“Why Dad?” I ask in the cold. Dad shook his head.
“The fish were fishing while ago had not here.” Father told us he saw the small basket. We were disappointed.
“It does no matter. What is important, my children are safe?”Said father while guiding our hands to move from there. I know my father was very disappointed, but disappointment can cover by our presence both on the safe side. It was already dark, presumably hour was nearing 7pm.
“Yanak, Adie. You stand hare for a while. Dad wanted to cast nets to only once in the small pond.”Told father.
On the left side of the paddy fields has a small pond. My father took his nets again that tied at the back then trying casting nets into the small pond. He slowly pulled aside.
My lit sis Adie
“Dad, did you get the fish?” I ask, trying to find out.
“Yes, there are but Dad do not knew how it. “ Told father.
My father to collect the fish in their nets. A disappointing last hope turned to joy when my father got fish from previous two times. My father has received 40 fish.
“Yanak, Adie.. We have to believe something that has happened there’s a reason behind. Not by despair but by obedience to the wise. God would saw to our needs when we believe Him.”Adviced to my father for me and little sister. We both were happy even though we in dampness and cold.
We continue the journey to return home, although the atmosphere in the dark with the light of torches only at moon appeared in the sky.
From the story of my childhood memories, I have learned something new in life and have never forgotten until now. Dad said, ‘Believe in God with all your heart without ever give up but with the confidence that God will give us many results’. Father’s sacrificed more valuable than gold and jewels.