Sunday, 9 September 2012


1) What does happiness look like?
My happiness looks like as smiley sun that always shiny in early morning when I wake up from my bed.

2) What color is today?
The colour of today like as red-yellow that describe about brightness of things that exist in around me such as looked forward without of doubt.

3) What does purple taste like?
The purple tastes like as the soft clothes with purple tulip flowers that decorate empty spaces on the ladies dress who love modern fashion.

   4) What does a rainbow feel like?
I feel the rainbow like as the bridge from the heaven that makes me have a dream to climbing from the mountain top at the earth until arrive at the Eden Park at the heaven to meet my Creator.

5) What color is the smell of your favorite perfume?
I always imagine that the colour of the smell of my favourite perfume like as the light green because it is made from natural herbal that makes me always fresh after shower.

6) What is the distance of your life?
I think the distance of my life like as the road where in the left and the right side always has junctions to go there a while, where more challenges to faced with patience and always pray because at the end of your journey is your life's toward whether it’s success or failed.

7) What is the color of your favorite song?
The color of my favorite songs like as blue as ever show ripple waves when the wind blows, so too the pace of my favorite song can only imagine the beat like a deep blue color.
8) What texture is your favorite scent?
My favourite scent texture like as velvet soft and smooth that will not look at the naked eyes but will be visible through a powerful imagination.
9) What does inspiration taste like?
Inspiration taste like as sweet honey from bees that will not be lost in the sensation of the tongue, so my inspiration is not to be lost in my thoughts every day.
10) What is the shape of violin music?
The shape of violin music in my imagination  like as fresh pear-shaped which has always been appetizers or deserts to those who like a touch of violin music only.

11) What is the texture of the letter “P”?
To me, texture letter "P" as a rough bark and wavy will not be lost on the surface of the concept, but somehow we are trying to remove the "P" between O and Q and mentions without "P" but the texture of the "P" is still there between O and Q.
12) What is the texture of a whisper?
The texture of a whisper like as breeze that cannot be seen through the naked eyes but can be rough in a sense through the hearts and minds of individual.

13) What color is the fragrance of soap?
The color of the fragrance of my soaps like as white as cotton and bubbly like a baby bath fragrance soft, smooth and fresh after use.
14) What does a cloud sound like?
The clouds does sound such as hissing sound leaves on the trees being blown over and over again without stopping, without the wind hissing leaves will not be heard.
15) What is the weight of your anger?
The weight of my anger as volcanic mountain which will continue to flow without stop until the anger has not been splashed with forgiveness and peace.
16) What is the shape of your imagination?
The shape of my imagination like as blue big bulb that I want to search something hidden in my mind.
17) What does your favorite book feel like?
My favourite books feel like as vanilla and yam ice cream that I always need when I want to eat everyday to give freshness of my mind.