Thursday, 6 June 2013


meat soup added with young's oil palm trunk
Freshwater fish has been ensiled a month
Did you know what are these?Did you want to ate these food or only tasting for a once?..Okay,let me to introduces these food for all reader or blogger.
These are Sabahan traditional foods...
In the left of these could saw these food called 'sup daging campur umbut kelapa sawit' or in English translated as meat soup added with young's oil palm trunk. It are delicious soup when you taking with meats and soup and eating during birthday's party, engagement day,wedding party or during eating together with family. But when you are cooked ensure these meats cooked with longer time so that the meats felt softly when you are ate then added with young's oil palm trunk,some herbs, lemon grass and salt and pepper. Lets try these soup now!! If you want to try or going to travelled at my hometown, you just sent  message for me via email...
In the right of these picture...what are you know about these picture? you want to taste these food for a once or not ? Okay...let go!! I would  introduce you about these food.
These are also Sabahan traditional food but are you saw that it are like something that could not eaten?
Truly,it called "daat or noonsom or bosou". "Daat" means food made from freshwater fish called " serawi" or "kalapia/tilapia" adding with "pangi" or malay called "buah kepayang"..something like drunken fruits  and also adding with cooked rice and salt and all ingredients added must taste with your own taste either it are salted or unsalted. After that, kept it at airtight containers and ensiled until a month for a good results. You could adding some pepper either white pepper or green pepper.
Different with "noonsom/bosou" are made from the same ingredients but only adding some vegetables like jackfruit, bamboo sprout and young's oil palm trunk so that made it sour after a month has been ensiled. To cooking these food you could frying with other vegetables or just saute with fish that has been ensiled. Delicious to eaten during the cooked rice are warm or when you are picnic with family in river side or beach. If you would not trying to just trying a bit only in your tounge for tasting these food. You want to try now!! just sent me email... or visit Sabah and you could trying these food during  Food Fest at Sabah or during Harvest Festival  when  Sabah Local Food Exhibition. Try a bit once so sure you want again after you trying!!....


From one until twelve divided two mid,
Twelve hours for after midnight and twelve hours again for after midday,
When time is running,
It's completes for 24 hours or  a day,
Time is running faster without we are not aware
From week to weeks completes a month,
And from month to months completes a year,
And year by years completes a century,
Now our age also running together,

From baby become teen,
Teen become adult,
And from adult become older,
The hair changing from black become white,
From lovely skin  face changing become wrinkled skin,
Everything are changing followed the time,
Humans live and dies,
Animals and plants too dies,
And this world also changing from year to years,
Global warming are happened until a part of world  already burns 
And a part of world again raining non-stop until flooding and the typhoon happened with terrible..
But...where are the human being? 
What they doing on this time?
Human doing with their own daily life activities..
Human doing with their own careers..

Human doing with their own business..
Human doing with their own entertainments..
Human doing anything with their own thoughts..
But their forgot that the time is running without we are not aware 
That the time are nearly at the end of the ages,
You and I are sinner man full of evil's power,
full of mistaken and full of failure.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


what were I  was got during my industrial training at Ming Garden Hotel & Residences? There are some of experiences, skills and knowledge's that I got...
Skill Acquired
i) Housekeeping Department
Some of the skills I have gained during industrial training in room section are;
àEnter guestroom
Before enter the guestroom make sure prepare the room maid trolley with complete amenities and linen. Ring the guestroom door bell (3 times) and say ‘housekeeping’. If the door button is DND light is on, please do not ring the guest room bell. Open the guest room door slowly and say ‘housekeeping’ if no answer, put the stopper below the door and start to make up room. Make sure take note the time you in and out.
àBed Making
First, strip the soiled linen like pillow cases, duvet cover and bed sheet. Second, select the clean linen and make sure no stain on the surface of pillow cases, duvet cover or bed sheet. Third, put the bed sheet on the mattress edges then fold neatly and not wrinkled, pull and tighten so that the surface looks neat then fold the last end neatly. Fourth, insert the duvet into duvet cover then hold the tip of the left and right end and then spread out two or three times to get the neatly. If duvets crease in cover, pack a while then dispersed once to get good neatly. Fifth, after finishing at the top of duvet, fold double with neatly and evenly then enter into the mattress folds. Make sure the surface is not wrinkled then insert into the bottom of the duvet under the mattress and fold the left and right ends neatly. Lastly, enter the pillow into a pillow case and make sure it looks neat and even, and then let it vertically along the other pillow. The time taken to make the bed is between maximum 5 minutes and minimum 10 minutes.
àCleaning guest room mirror/glass
First, select the right chemical that used to cleaning mirror/glass. Used chemical R3 (vision) to cleaning the mirror/glass. Second, select the right equipment that used to cleaning or wiped the mirror/glass. Used lamb wool, squeeze and clean cloth when cleaning the mirror/glass. Third, clean the mirror/surface from dust or any soiled. Used lamb wool to remove it. Fourth, spray the vision into surface of mirror/glass then used the squeeze from top to bottom to smooth the vision into all surface of mirror/glass. Lastly, used clean cloth’s to wipe all surfaces until looking clean and shiny.
àCleaning bathroom & toilet
When cleaning the bathroom make sure clear all the rubbish or unwanted things. After that, clean the bathroom floor, wall, bathroom tub, hand basin, shower and pipes tap with multi-purpose chemical and scrubbing cloth until clean and shiny. If any dirt or soiled sticking on the floor or wall used R2 (Multi-purpose or called care) and brush to scrubbing the soiled. Dry the wall, floor, bath tub hand basin, shower and pipes tap with clean and dry cloth. Do not forget to clean the soap glass, amenities glass tray and tumbler.
When cleaning the toilet, first spray the R1 chemical (toilet bowl cleaner) into toilet bowl. Used toilet brush to scrub the toilet bowl then flush the water. Second, used multi-purpose to clean the toilet lid and toilet cover then used wet cloth to wipe it. After that, used dry cloth’s to wipe it until clean.  Lastly, flush water again.
àReplenish bathroom amenities
Arrange bathroom amenities according to standard like hotel brand must be shown to face us. In the bathroom tub, only bath gel and shampoo conditioner will put on the bathroom amenities glass tray.  In the left of hand basin, only bath gel, shampoo conditioner, body lotion, tooth brush, vanity kit, shower cap, shaving kit and comb to put on to bathroom amenities glass tray. In the right of hand basin, put the coasters to place the 2 tumblers on it and if the tissue box is empty refill again and folding tip tissue with triangle shape. Make sure the toilet has complete with sanitary bag near the toilet and two roll tissues with folding tip tissue with triangles shape. Make sure 1 pieces bath towel folded and kept at towel place, 2 pieces hanging of hand towel with standard folding and 1 pieces bath towel hanging in the surface of bathroom door and 1 pieces of bath mat on the top of toilet cover.
àMake dusting
When dusting the all the surface either the closet, tea table, glass table, dining table and dressing table, TV racks and shelves, wall skirting, bed wall is clean, drawer ,mini freezer (upon request) and no dusty or any scratch or fingerprint . The standard that used when dusting is follow by rotation clockwise or counter clockwise, dusting from inside to outside and from the top into the bottom. When make dusting use moist and dry cloth.
àReplenish the guestroom amenities
Arrange all the guestroom amenities with standard arranging. Between the guestrooms amenities is on the top of writing table or side table is magazines, TV channel, air-conditioner remote control and TV remote control, guest comments, service directory and guest stationeries like 2 pieces of writing pad,2 pieces envelopes and pen . On the other side table is telephone (make sure the telephone is functional) and memo pad with pencil and inside the drawer is hair dryer. In the closet keep the 2 pieces slipper with logo and without logo, 6 pieces hanger and in the closet drawer has 2 pieces of laundry list, 2 pieces of laundry bag and sewing kit bathrobe(upon request). Make sure the safety box is functional. Make sure changing new dustbin plastic and put again at the below of writing table and below of hand basin in the bathroom. Other guestroom amenities is mini kettle, 2 coffee cups and 2 juice glass on the top of coaster, sugar bowl (2 pieces Nescafe 3 in 1, 2 pieces of Sabah tea, 2 pieces of creamer, 2 pieces of brown sugar, 2 pieces of white sugar and 2 pieces of pal sweet) and 2 bottles of mineral water on the tray.
And the last of cleaning guestroom is vacuuming the carpet from wall to door included below of the night chair, armchair, below the writing table, tea table, below the bed, below the glass table, below the refrigerator (upon request ). Make sure everything is done before leaving the guestroom.

The skill that I learned in public area is how to use chemical with right usage and how to use the machines that always used in public areas. Between the chemical that always use in public area is;
àR1 (Toilet bowl cleaner/cide)
Chemical category is (PH2-3) with contents liquid stabilised Chloride Acid and usage for cleaning toilet and urinal bowl only. Be careful to use this chemical, if contact with the skins cause itching and sores and if contact with eyes immediately flush with running water or get immediate medical attention.
àR2 (Care/multi-purpose)
Chemical category is (PH 7) with contents of Natrium Laureth Sulfate 10-20% and usage for multi-purpose. Dilution with lukewarm water is 1:20.
àR3 (Vision)
Chemical category is (PH10-11) and usage for glass/mirror cleaning. Dilution with lukewarm water is 1:20.
àP.Pine & proven
Chemical category is (PH 11-12) with contents pine oil 5% and usage for wash room moping. Dilution of water is 1:10. Chemical category for proven is PH12-13 and usage for floor oily moping.
àOther Chemicals
Gp clean contents with Natrium Hidroksida and usage for floor scrubbing with dilution water 1:10. Johnseal and Plaza used for floor sealer. Hi-strip contents Potassium Hydroxide used for floor stripper and dilution water is 1:10. Lemon Pladge used for wooden polish. Luster used for wooden and leather polish. Taski 103 used for carpet shampoo and dilution water is 1:20. 3M Heavy Duty used for carpet spotter. Anti-Cholorine contents 1 capful of medicine to about 8 gallon of water and used for fish pond. Odorstop contents with Bioenzyme + Organic waste = water & Carbon Dioxide used for reduce smell. Hand soap & gentle lotion used for hand washing.
I also learned and know about some Public Area Machinery. Between the machinery that always used in public area is;
àScrubbing machine
Scrubbing machine is used for marble floor polishing, carpet bonneting and scrubbing floor tiles/surfaces together with any 3M pads/hard brush to remove the stain/shining the floor surfaces. Various pad holders, brush and chemical tank to used like white (soft) used for sensitive surfaces and polishing, red (soft) used for scrubbing and floor polishing and green/black (hard) used for floor scrubbing.
àWet and dry machine
Wet and dry machine used to extract water and extract dust from floor surface and used with suction hose nozzle.
àOther machines
Blower used for drying wet floor and wet carpet. Auto scrubber is machine for scrubbing floor on high traffic area with brush. Carpet extraction is machine for carpet shampoo, extraction and upholstery with suction hose nozzle and upholstery tools. Buffing Machine is used for buffing wax coated floor surface to cut away the dirty and to bring up the shine from the wax. Wet & dry pick up machine is used to extract water from floor surface when used wet and extract dust and dirt from floor surface when used dry. Carpet sweeper is used extracting dirt from carpet where there are heavy traffic going on. High pressure washer is a machine produces high pressure jet spray of water for removal of stubborn stain/dirty like algae and to wash away sand and debris on large open flora surface.

I also learned some skill in Linen/laundry section. Between the skills is;
àWasher & dryer machine
Before insert the uniform into washer machine make sure all pocket uniforms is empty and remove waste or unwanted things inside the trouser ,shirt, vest, jacket pockets. Select the uniforms like kitchen uniforms always oily uniform so combine it with kitchen cap also trouser. If other uniform (if staff requested that washing uniforms there) are combine with non-oily uniform like housekeeping uniform. After that, insert the uniforms into machine and press the button types of cloth that washed like press #F04# for oily uniform then press the button timing to started washing. Button F01 for washing guest laundry, button #F02 for apron and F03 for face towel & hand towel. If the timing is stopped it mean wash done then moved to dryer machine. Insert the uniform into dryer machine and press button to start machine. If machine stop it mean dry done. But the guest cloth must be ironing with carefully and followed the type of cloth and some of staff uniform must be ironing. Every wash must be recorded either to wash and after dryer.
àLinen Movement to Laundry Mart
Select the types of uniforms like trouser, shirt, jacket, vest, blazer, long sleeve and cheongsam before send at Laundry Mart. Count all of it. After that, make record into linen movement form for 2 pieces. Lastly, record it into Laundry Mart Sdn Bhd bill then staples with forms 1 of white bill and 1 again copy (green bill).

ii) Front Office Department
Between skills that I learned at reservation are;
àMake proforma invoice (reservation)
Fill up the form like this. Attention to ;( Tour guide name), company name, contact number, fax number, email address, guest name and tour code, arrival and departure date, room type and rate, number of person and confirmation number, room charge and complimentary meal breakfast and the last is total amount.
àTaking reservation
Answer the telephone with three times ringing. Identify the department and ourselves immediately. Establish the arrival and departure date of visit. Check the availability based on those date and check numbers of guests in a room to determine the bed types. Check for correct spelling of the guest’s name, ask for the contact number, and check arrival and departure date. Obtain credit card info to guarantee booking. Inform the guest about the cancellation policies. Repeat the booking for accuracy and explain to the guest about the no show and cancellation.
àCancellation of reservation
Obtain all details of the cancellation original arrival/departures dates, guest name, company name, name and contact number of the person cancelling the reservation. Attempt to establish the reason for cancellation or any other details relevant to the cancellation. Record all details of the cancellation on the amendment or cancellation form. Reconfirm all details of the canccelation with the person cancelling the reservation. Ensure cancellation reason and contact person, contact telephone number is updates in IFCA (record the system guaranteed cancellation number on the reservation form.) This cancellation number should be given to the caller immediately. Obtain the original reservation correspondence and attach the warranty copy of the cancellation details. File the cancelled reservation in the applicable reservation file.
The skills that I learned at Reception are;
àCheckout & Check in procedure
First, check the room number in system after that check the guest’s name. Third, check the guest’s bill either has been paid by cash or by credit card or the guest not yet make payment.
Click front desk then go to arrival, ask the guest about the confirmation number and also name, filled up the registration card like guest address, phone number, IC/passport number and guest’s signature. Check all of guest’s data in system and get the deposit (POA-Personal of Account). After that, explain the guest if have benefit.
àUpdate arrival MAS Crew & Check in-house guest name/ room number
Click profile and go to new then search, type passport number or the guest’s name, enter then click OK 2 times.
Click front desk, click in house guest, and find the guest’s name or room number. I also learned how to check arrival guest in system; like this click front desk, click arrival, types the company, group, and source or agent name to find the guest’s name.
àGuest extend checkout
 Check the date and the time when the guest checkout and what time the guest to checkout. After that, ensure the room number is correct then search and encode.
This is some skills that I learned at concierge are;
à Register towel in registration form for guest or tour guide
Fill up the date, guest/guide name, company/room number, check in/out, location towel to be taken, signature and issuing staff. After that, continue to issuing towel. Give explanation to guest to pay towel for RM2.00 per pieces at reception counter and if the towel damage or lost the guest must pay RM60.00.
àHandle courier express services
How far the distances from to and where to going? How height the items to sent counting per Kilogram and what type of items to sent either it is the easy fragile items or document or easy broken/damage items.
àKeep guest’s luggage
First, take luggage tag then tick what type of guest’s luggage either it is storage luggage or arrival guest or departure guest. Second, write guest’s name or room number, number of item and date also write down the room number and number of item into guest copy. Third, tied it into guest’s luggage and tear the tag’s copy then give the guest. Lastly, explain the guest to make sure the tag is not lost.
 àReceived book from guest (city shuttle bus)
When received call from guests to booking city shuttle bus, ask them what room number, what time to be taken and how many person to book city shuttle bus. Repeat again for confirmation after write down into city shuttle bus schedule. Explain them to early down 5 minutes before city shuttle bus go away.
The skills that I learned at call centre are:
àStandard for answering telephone
When answering telephone first, we must greet (good morning/afternoon/evening). Second, identify the hotel or department. Third, give your name and the last, offer assistance: May I help you/How May I assist you? For example: “Good Morning, Ming Garden Hotel & Residences, this is Marlenah (used shortly name), may I help you?” This is general or for external caller. This is standard for when answering caller from department or internal caller, for example: “Good Morning, concierge, this is Marlenah, may I help/assist you?” Make sure listen carefully to caller’s requests and respond in warm, helpful and efficient manner. All calls must be answered within three time rings in a clear and courteous voice.
When answering someone else in line first, greet (Good morning/afternoon/evening) then second, offer assistance or taking a message. For example: “Mr Frederick thanks you for waiting. Ms Enna is not in her office, may I take a message for her?” Or “Mr Frederick, thank you for waiting. Ms Enna is engaged in another call. Would you like to wait or may I take a message for her?”
When placing a caller on “Hold”, use the word “One Moment Please” do not say “Hold/Wait”. Ask permission and acknowledge the guest’s response. Make sure when transferring a call, the connection is smooth and there is a sense of calm. Colleagues demonstrate a positive attitude, speaking clearly with appropriately phrased and complete sentences.
When transferring a call, for example:”One moment please, Mr Frederick. Allow me to transfer your call. Thank you.” Make sure always say thanks to caller for waiting.
When ending a conversation, make sure always thank the caller. Use the caller’s name whenever possible. End every conversation with a Thank you. For example; “Thank you for calling, have a pleasant day.”
àSet wakeup call in system
When received wakeup call from reception, make sure immediately to set wakeup call in system. First, go to set wakeup call then type room number and click set time and date. Second, clicks apply then click refresh. Third, click room number then click show.
Some skill I gained when I at Premier Lounge are;
àCheck in VIPs procedure
Every morning, Lounge associate will print report for the day’s arrival. All VIPs have arrival time while making reservation. Once guest arrive at the reception and identified as VIP, reception will call the Front Office Manager (FOM) followed by Duty of Room (DOR) and General Manager (GM) to welcome the VIP. Receptionist wills immediately cal the Premier Lounge to inform them and escort the guest to the Premier Lounge for check in. Concierge will follow the guest to the Premier Lounge with the luggage. Upon check in, guest will be served Face Towel and Welcome Drink. Club Associate will then explain the benefits of the Premier Lounge to the guest. After check in process, the Lounge Associate will escort the guest to his room.
àSetting table
Put the place mat on the table then make setting. First, place the coffee cup with saucer together with tea spoon on the right side. Make sure cup holder (ear) and tea spoon rotate clock on 3. Second, tablespoon and table knife also on the right side. On the left side, put the table fork together with BB plate and BB knife and also condiment like pepper and salt and sugar bowl. In the sugar bowl, make sure has palmer sweet 8 pieces left & right side the bowl, brown sugar 5 pieces, creamer and white sugar are 4 pieces. Lastly, on the middle of setting is white napkin (fan folding).
àPouring beer
I also learned skill how to pouring beer into beer glass. First, make sure the beer glass is clean. Second, do not pour beer from the top of glass but take the glass and pour the beer from the edges of beer glass with slowly to prevent foaming and overflow. When pouring beer make sure the distance between the tip of the glass and beer at least 2 inches. And last, after finished pouring twist the bottle into left with slowly to avoid that waste beer does not drip.

iii) F & B Department
This is some skills that I learned during industrial training at restaurant.
àGreeting guest, ushering and seating the guest
When guest coming to take breakfast, make sure the hostess on duty greeting with smile. For example; “Good morning, welcome to our restaurant, please register your room number, miss/Mr./sir.”  Write down the room number then, staff on duty will ushering the guest to go to the table that given by hostess. Make sure staff must ushering guest until arrive at her/his table. For example; “Miss/Mr/sir, please follow me to go to your table.” Then after arrive at her/his table “Miss/Mr/sir, this is your table. Have a seat.” Offer her/his to seat after pull the chair from the table. After the guest take minute to seat, offer them to taking food with own self if breakfast buffet. “Miss/Mr/sir, you can take breakfast with buffer.” After guest say thank you, always to say welcome and say “enjoy your breakfast/meal, miss/Mr/sir.”
àServe beverage, serving bread and butter and pouring cold or warm water
When serving beverage to the guest, start serving from the right if the guest is alone.  Do not served guest without round tray on your left hand to place the beverage. For example, “Excuse me Mr/sir/miss, May I serve this beverage/carrot juice for you?” When the guest say thanks you, always say welcome and say “Enjoy you drink/juice, Mr/sir/miss.”
When serving bread and butter to the guest, make sure the bread is warm and not cold inside the covered bread basket. Use saucer dish to place the butter (unsalted/salted) or jam (fruits jam) and put BB knife into covered round tray. When serving to the guest, serve one by one like the warm bread to be serving first then butter in the saucer dish and last the BB knife, put on the butter.
When pouring cold or warm water in front of guest, for example “May I pour cold/warm water into your glass?” or if refill guest’s glass “May I refill again your glass?” If guest say, “No. No need, thank you.” Do not forget to say “Welcome. Thank you”. Make sure the water pot is covered with napkin.
àClearing dishes from the table and crumbing table
If the guest still in their table or already finish to having meal and the plate looking empty or no need anymore, excuse to clearing the plate for example “ Excuse me Mr/sir/miss, May I take/clear this plate?”  Make sure to when clearing start in the left side of guest. When the guests go away from the table make clear with one by one. First, clearing dirt cutleries like spoon, fork, knife, chopstick then clear the coffee cup and saucer also juice glass. Second, clearing the plate and remove the food wastes into dustbin. Third, remove the place mat then wiped the table with wiping cloth and multi-purpose (care) chemical spray. Move the other condiment like sugar bowl, milk bowl, tea/coffee pot and salt & pepper from the table. Before spray, remove the food waste from the table surface into placing the food waste then spray the care into the table surface. Wipe the table following the design of table. If horizontally design then make wiping from right to left. If the vertically design, make wiping from top to bottom. Put again all condiment into middle of table.
àServing coffee/tea, give toothpick and bill presentation
When serving the coffee or tea to the guest into teapot or coffee cup, make sure the teapot handle/holder covered with napkin to prevent the guest’s hand not burns and put the teapot into star folding napkin to covered saucer. If serving guest into cup, excuse the guest to be careful for example, “Excuse me Mr/sir/miss, be careful. I’m serving you coffee.” Make sure put the saucer first then put the coffee cup into saucer with carefully and last put the tea spoon into saucer near the coffee cup holder.
When giving guest the toothpick, make sure giving it from the right and say “Mr/sir/miss, this is toothpick that you want. I put it on the middle of this table.”
When the guest already finished to having meal and they want a bill to pay the meal, make sure go near to the table to hear what they need. If they need a bill say “One moment please Mr/sir/miss, I get your bill.” Then when present the bill in front of guest, “Thank you for waiting Mr/sir/miss, here, this is your bill and your bill amount is RM15.50.” If the guest enjoins you to pay with by cash, take the bill again and bring to the counter. Then
when the cashier make changing the money, present again the balance with the bill. “Thank you for waiting again Mr/sir/miss. This is your balance with your bill. Thank you for having meal here Mr/sir/miss.” When guests are preparing to go, said, "Thank you for coming, enjoy your day."
àSetting table
I have learned some skills of setting table. Between of skills are;
Breakfast setting, put the place mat on the side of table then put the dinner napkin into left side of place mat. On the dinner napkin, put the 3 items of cutleries (table spoon (left), table knife (middle) and table fork (right). Near the place mat put the coffee cup and saucer into right side with coffee holder clock on 3 and the teaspoon with clock on 4.
Lunch/dinner setting put the clean BB plate on the side of table. On the top of BB plate put the pocket folding napkin with 3 items of cutleries. Tablespoon (left side), table knife (middle) and table fork (right side). On the top of BB plate near the tip of table spoon put the goblet/highball.
Shabu-shabu setting put the place mat on the side of table. On the right side, put the 3 items of cutleries (table spoon (left), table knife (middle) and table fork (right). On the middle of place mat, put BB plate and on the top of BB plate is crown or rose folding napkin. On the top of place mat (left side) soup bowl with Chinese spoon, beside the soup bowl is chopstick with holder and on the top of chopstick is goblet.
Buffet setting put the table spoon and table knife into left side and the right side is table fork with BB plate. On the top of middle setting is dessert spoon pointing toward in the right and the dessert fork pointing toward in the left with crown or rose folding napkin.
Doom setting put the soup spoon, table spoon and table knife in the left side and in the right side is table fork. On the top of middle setting is dessert spoon pointing toward in the right and the dessert fork pointing toward in the left with crown or rose folding napkin.
Setting meeting room put the 3 pieces of writing pad on the table (straight with chair) and put a sharp pencil on the middle of writing pad and eye pencil leans towards the right end. Then on the tip of writing pad in the left right side, put the 2 coasters and place the goblet on the left side and mineral water in the right side. On the middle of meeting table put the soup bowl and put the some sweet into soup bowl.
àTake cake order from guest
I also learned how to take cake order from guest? Make sure take note the guest’s name, telephone number, cake’s flavour, time and date to be taken, time and date to be ordering and what words to be decorating on the top of cake?

This is my pictures in 3 department as a trainee
The right picture(above)Trainee in Housekeeping Department
The right picture(below)Trainee in F&B Department
And the left picture is Trainee in Front Office Department

My Picture during learning setting table for Premier Lounge
place for VIPs having breakfast and dinner meals.

Summary of the overall training
During the industrial training at Ming Garden Hotel & Residences starting from 01st February 2013 until 10th May 2013, I got a lot of experiences, knowledge’s, skills and benefits as a result of guidance from supervisors, senior staffs, manager, assistant manager, duty manager and friends who willing to give time and energy to share their knowledge’s and experiences in whatever part of the hotel. I really appreciate all the knowledge and experience for me in facing the workforce in the hotel industry.
Starting from the housekeeping department, I learned to understand the meaning of hard work to struggle making bed. At first, I only see senior staff so easy to making bed can only be completed in 3-5 minutes. But when I try to do a self-evidently not so easy to complete a full bed with a clean bed sheet, pillow neatly arranged with a clean pillow case and duvet are very heavy to spread has made me to think for a moment that it is hard to learned something the new easily. From experience when I was training in the room for two weeks, I got an experience, knowledge and skills over the years that I never had experienced before that. Bed making is not easy to do but requires patience, perseverance and skill with standards that the guest who slept on the bed we made it makes them comfortable to sleep.
Not only that, I also have firsthand experience of how to complete a task for maintaining large areas such as the Grand Ballroom and meeting room as well as the surrounding area when it was in the public area for a week. I do not think that the public area supervisor has trusted me to take on a huge responsibility. Absence of a public area staff has made me to accept the task with a pounding heart and thought to myself 'Can I do this task? I'm not a staff permanent but I'm just a trainee who is here hoping to get guidance from more senior people in the hotel? 'I take on the task for 8 hours. From my experience to handle such a task I have learned that our abilities have been seen by their supervisors and believe that we can do without pushing. Abilities and beliefs must stand if we want to do a job in earnest. Please do the task with an open heart and want to try our best interests when finding a job later on in the hotel industry.
While in the front office, I'm not shy and not too clever to speak in English Languages but to face the various guest had made courage to speak what the guest wants me to do it. My courage has made me think that the guest requires face to face with a sweet smile as well as how we serve guest needs while at the counter next to the correct standard greeting.
A guest has put me hope when I was at the concierge desk to take care of her baby is still small when the guest wants to go to the toilet for a few minutes. Experience was challenging enough for me not to mention his guest is in my custody. Guest to our beliefs should to be shown with our honesty and sincerity to make them feel safe and comfortable. While we do the work, do it with honesty and sincerity not by force or just show our face to the manager. Let honesty in doing the task may reflect that we will be able to get a job in the hotel industry but it is not easy we are faced with a variety of guest language, race and caprice. This is our challenge while providing services in the hotel that guest who comes and goes.
To be a successful hotelier, quality and competitive attitude should have an open attitude to progress so that we can deal with guest with more confidence to overcome any problems or complaints about the hotel guest. To be a great hotelier owner we should have ethics and manners. Guest not looks at grooming and appearance. They look at themselves how the staff works. Therefore, staff must be aware of the ethics and manners and working practices are always there. Courtesy improve workflow and it is important for a good working environment. Ethics and improve the ability to jointly learn how to work effectively, making other people feel comfortable and important. It allows us to present ourselves to the best advantage, but we must remember that the world is changing and other rules must also be changed to get the best results for us.
To be a successful hotelier, we can vary depending on the ability of others to own ourselves or manage a hotel. If we want to manage the hotel, we have to get a diploma in hotel management or hospitality degree for four years. Working in the hospitality industry in various capacities lower can also provide you with an experience that is needed when looking for a position as an hotelier. To begin managing the property we need to learn in all parts of the hotel both in terms of management, administration or providing services to visitors staying in hotels. We do not qualify to be an hotelier, but it was a good opportunity to have a work experience stated on your resume when we started looking for a job.
There are several different ways to become an hotelier. Many owners come from a lower position in the management of the hotel business, although it can also come from a successful career in another industry. We can work with way we start from the bottom or find a job as manager low level after we graduated from college. Manager food and drinks, manager front desk, and other similar positions can become jobs that good and has a vast opportunity for become operators who successful someday. But in a good position you must come from the lower as captain in the section, assistant supervisor, supervisor, executive supervisor, assistant manager, manager, executive manager and operations manager.
We should not look down on those who work from work the bottom because they are interested in the hotel industry is quite challenging. What we do is make the hotel was known as well as finds extensive experience in all departments to enable us to qualify as a hotel manager. As the keys to success that I have held is 10 keys to be success. There are;
1)    Select a best goal                                
2) Focus on rewarding                                                     
3) Encourage creativity                           
4) Identify the mistakes                                         
5) Correction available                            
6) set a good rule
7) Say 'yes ‘to most ideas 
8) Say ‘no’ at failures
9) Use of competent leadership      
10) Sure you will be success

This is my things during training in hotel
ID Card as my attendance punch in/out,
Badges as identity for hotel staff/trainee
Name tag and locker key

I got some tips during training in housekeeping department as
Room Attendant/Room Maid
I got RM 12.00 for Malaysia currency
and  got 2 pieces of 1  Dollar America
I never saw of real dollar America before but now
I have it!! 
 I'm finished my industrial training with success and now,I'll try to apply of any vacancies in hospitality industry in Kota Kinabalu area but I also never forget to try apply in other vacancies either it is company,seller or what ever vacancies that give my profit/money.Wish..I got a job. Amen!!