Thursday, 6 June 2013


meat soup added with young's oil palm trunk
Freshwater fish has been ensiled a month
Did you know what are these?Did you want to ate these food or only tasting for a once?..Okay,let me to introduces these food for all reader or blogger.
These are Sabahan traditional foods...
In the left of these could saw these food called 'sup daging campur umbut kelapa sawit' or in English translated as meat soup added with young's oil palm trunk. It are delicious soup when you taking with meats and soup and eating during birthday's party, engagement day,wedding party or during eating together with family. But when you are cooked ensure these meats cooked with longer time so that the meats felt softly when you are ate then added with young's oil palm trunk,some herbs, lemon grass and salt and pepper. Lets try these soup now!! If you want to try or going to travelled at my hometown, you just sent  message for me via email...
In the right of these picture...what are you know about these picture? you want to taste these food for a once or not ? Okay...let go!! I would  introduce you about these food.
These are also Sabahan traditional food but are you saw that it are like something that could not eaten?
Truly,it called "daat or noonsom or bosou". "Daat" means food made from freshwater fish called " serawi" or "kalapia/tilapia" adding with "pangi" or malay called "buah kepayang"..something like drunken fruits  and also adding with cooked rice and salt and all ingredients added must taste with your own taste either it are salted or unsalted. After that, kept it at airtight containers and ensiled until a month for a good results. You could adding some pepper either white pepper or green pepper.
Different with "noonsom/bosou" are made from the same ingredients but only adding some vegetables like jackfruit, bamboo sprout and young's oil palm trunk so that made it sour after a month has been ensiled. To cooking these food you could frying with other vegetables or just saute with fish that has been ensiled. Delicious to eaten during the cooked rice are warm or when you are picnic with family in river side or beach. If you would not trying to just trying a bit only in your tounge for tasting these food. You want to try now!! just sent me email... or visit Sabah and you could trying these food during  Food Fest at Sabah or during Harvest Festival  when  Sabah Local Food Exhibition. Try a bit once so sure you want again after you trying!!....