Monday, 7 October 2013

In Our Memories-16/09/2013

When the state is gaining the Independence Day holiday 50 years participated in Malaysia as one of the states in Borneo , we never thought that she ( grandmother ) said ' good-bye ' to us . After my shower , my Aunt , Uncle and cousin got home . Aunt and Uncle lost his memory for a few minutes . Dad was surprised and said , " What happened ? " But Aunt and Uncle just bow down and cry . Aunt hug my dad and said , " our mother ..... " Father say, " Why is our mother ? " I'm closer to my dad's cousin and said, " Grandma was gone ( dies ) . Rapidly father and mother was packing and then follow Aunt and uncle to the hospital . Upon hearing news of the death grandmother , my heart is crying and sad without delay then we wait for uncle ( father 's second brother ) . rice is eaten feel chelate and drink warm water felt bitter . our appetite then. uncle came and we also went to the hospital . certified true grandmother had died. grandmother We are just waiting for the body in brought back by ambulance .
15 minutes later we got home Aunt . That night many people gather , including other relatives to stay awake. Aunt , cousin and my sister was told about the news of the death of their grandmother. Their return can only be known in the next morning.
Grandma's grandsons &granddaughters

Dad's siblings(grandma's sons
& daughters)
Grandma's great grandsons
&great granddaughters

1)My Family
2)Uncle Luoi's Family

3)Aunt Rafidah's Family
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